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Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to (a) recognize their own emotions and that of other’s, (b) discern between complex feelings and label them appropriately, (c) use emotional information to guide unbiased thinking and optimal behavior, and (d) manage emotions to achieve goals and master environmental adaptation.
Four EI Quotient sections include:
  • Self-Recognition
  • Self-Management
  • Socila Recognition
  • Social Management


Self-Recognition (SeR) Scores

Emotional Intelligence for Professional Success

It’s a popular misconception that emotional intelligence is largely irrelevant in business, and doesn’t equate with professional performance. However, a recent study of emotional intelligence, (along with 33 other important workplace skills,) found that emotional intelligence is the single strongest predictor of workplace performance, accounting for a full 58% of success in all types of jobs.

Emotional Intelligence is Malleable

Every individual is capable of improving his/her emotional intelligence and gleaning the almost immediate benefits that come with this heightened self-awareness. The Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2) assessment offers us a roadmap to begin and continually refine this simultaneously personal and professional endeavor.

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