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Are you looking for a company-wide assessment that provides a broader range of insights than the typical “company culture” instrument? Would it be helpful if this same assessment also tracked improvement and measured ROI? The new Performance Gap Indicator (PGI) empowers trainers with an assessment that evaluates FIVE company-wide performance areas, plus separate reporting for initial analysis and subsequent followup analysis, so you can objectively track progress and demonstrate real ROI.
Measures “gaps” across five key performance areas::
  • Culture
  • Operations
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Service


PGI Diagnostic – Initial Analysis

PGI is the most robust company wide assessment of it’s kind, functioning like a “MRI” for your organizational health. Pinpoint company wide struggles faster – and with improved insights – so subsequent coaching and training investments are administered with the kind of laser-guided accuracy that provides demonstrable results.

PGI Pulse – Follow Up Analysis

The PGI Pulse report is your periodic company-wide assessment to measure and track ongoing performance. Ideally, the PGI Pulse is implemented within an organizaton at regular intervals, be it quarterly, annually, or as needed.

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